There is much to see and do on an island like Mauritius. Tourists nowadays don’t only come to dwell in a luxury hotel or stick to the white sandy beaches. On the contrary the Ocean, the lagoon and the island itself have been turned into a veritable holiday-playground for those who like to work hard and play hard – and the Mauritians have eagerly adopted the concept. Visitors these days go out on a quad or mountain bike to explore the green hills, take a ride on horseback along the beach or the mountain slopes, jump down waterfalls on a canoeing expedition, crawl up steep slopes, cliffs and mountainsides and hike the untouched nature in the National Park.

Nature parks have tuned up their services and added trekking, hiking, animal-encounters and zip-lines for customers of all age groups and fitness-levels to their range of impressive services.

The Ocean beckons with activities like sailing, kayaking, diving, snorkeling and boating adventures of any kind. Deep sea fishing is still big in Mauritius, but then the cracks travel thousands of kilometres to brave the waves at all those fabulous spots, where kite- and windsurfing is celebrated in style.

Those in for the ultimate thrill might decide to go up on a mini-airplane and throw themselves into the element of air for a Skydive combined with probably the best view ever to be enjoyed of Mauritius.

Skydive Mauritius

A 10,000 ft Tandem Skydive is one of the newest activities introduced in Mauritius. It takes place over the north east coast of the island - Riviere Du Rempart. The activity consist of a briefing with an instructor, a plane ride to reach altitude, freefall and a flight under canopy before landing.

Swim With Dolphins

A speed boat outing from the west coast of Mauritius, starts early morning for an encounter of the dolphins that have made the lagoon their home. If luck is on your side the encounter become more personal with swimming alongside the dolphins. In any case there will also be enough time for some snorkeling.

Sailing In The South

Sailing the turquoise lagoon of Old Grand Port; the first port of the island and where the first settlers started explored the island along the cost to Ile aux Cerfs (Deer island). You will discover some nice snorkelling, the visit to the Grand River South East Waterfalls, enjoy the sandy beach of Ile aux Cerfs and the mountains scenery.