When visiting Mauritius, you will surely be intrigued by the stunning variety of cultures and languages, by the lively scenes in the streets, and by those exotic-looking shops, restaurants and markets found all over the island.

Yes, Mauritius is a multi-cultural melting pot and if you do as the Mauritians do, life can be surprisingly cheap. Nowadays, there is even a trend away from the luxury hotels and into the real Mauritius. Being an eco-friendly provider, we fully support this and encourage visitors to go out and sample the wonderful and quite safe food offered at every street corner, dine at the local restaurant, and shop at the many bazaars and street markets found around the island.

Of course you must have basic negotiation skills, but once you get the hang of it, bartering is very entertaining and finding special treasures at the bazaar makes for great holiday adventures.

A range of nature and adventure parks, most of which are accessible by bus and perfectly affordable as far as entry fees are concerned, add to your special island holiday. And the great Indian Ocean with its sandy beaches provides free adventure as much as you like. Oh yes, and if you are in for a piece of history, the visit of any state-owned museum is free!

Studios are rented throughout Mauritius and offer you the opportunity to enjoy an independent tropical island holiday in any way you like!