About Us

This mini portal for studios are operated by LRT, a specialised tour operator in sustainable tourism and eco adventure. We seek to give travellers an unique experiencing in Mauritius.

Lolotte Rental & Tours (LRT) is a local tour operator company that embraces Sustainable Tourism. Thus, we who join forces with WHL.travel Group as your local connection in Mauritius and Rodrigues for a different and memorable holiday.

The idea behind doing Mauritius Differently is to make you experience the Real Mauritius. Thus our aim is to encourage you as a traveller to either spice up your vacation on our island with alternative accommodation and eco adventure tours. We would like for visitors and holidaymakers to take more interest in the nature and historical sights of Mauritius and Rodrigues Island and to explore the multicultural population of our tropical islands.

The diversity is not just in the nature and culture. it is also the diversity of your holiday in Mauritius. You can have both a Luxury Resort combined with a stay in a studio and a buffet of activities such as hike through the national park, a full day culture trip, dive into the turquoise waters of our lagoons, tasting the exotic foods and encountering the rare plants and animals… We tailor trips to the occasion, number of travellers, their age and they physical level.